Evidence to Select Committee inquiry into Digital Government

On 27 November 2018, along with Dai Vaughan, I gave evidence to the Science and Technology Committee inquiry into Digital Government.

Courtesy of the House of Commons, you can read the transcript, or watch the video below. Bewarned, it’s about an hour long.

A couple of tech journalists wrote it up, while The Times picked up that civil servants (not Ministers) sought to hide the phone numbers (£) of their services in an unethical and pointless ploy to reduce demand.

How Public Digital helped set up the Ontario Digital Service

A few weeks ago, the Ontario Digital Service published its Digital Action Plan, opening with this statement:

“We are redesigning government for a digital world. The goal is simpler, faster and better end-to-end services across a people-centered government.”

In her statement at the beginning, Chief Digital Officer Hillary Hartley added:

“How might we create simpler, faster, better services for Ontarians, together? By delivering. By being willing to try new approaches. By working out loud, and in the open, to share lessons learned and demonstrate change.”


That’s the strategy of delivery, right there.

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